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2018 Portugal Cross Fertilization

2018 Ministry Accomplishments
Thanksgiving to Billy Graham
Tanzania Outreach - July 2018 - Theme Micah 6:8
Ministry Report Update - February
Ministry Report Update - January

Tanzania Report
Letter From Stevie Mulenga
Praise Report! - January 2017 - 2 Links Included

WCO Molo Church - Prayer Needed!

Mighty Praise Report!

Pastors and Leaders Conferences, Poster, New Greenhouse Construction
Mighty Praise Report! - June 26, 2016

New Year's Praise Report

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International Outreach Center - Updates

Ministry Accomplishments in 2014
World Christian Outreach's website is largely now a "responsive" website, however some legacy pages will remain. - April 2014
Praise-Report - March 12, 2014
Kenya Medical Mission - January 2014

December 27 - January 22, 2014 - 2014 Winter Mission

2014 Winter Mission        2014 Winter Mission

Mark Luce Named Executive Director of NDC - October, 2013
International Outreach Center
Dear Special Friends of the Ministry
Ministry Trip to Molo, Kenya - 2013
Healing From On High
The Safari
Visiting the Farm at New Dawn Community - February 2013
Outreach To Africa - February 2013
African Itinerary - February 2013

Pastors and Leaders Conferences - January 2012
in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania with David Mwasota, the Host Pastor.
720 Pastors, Evangelists and Elders attended.
Conference Theme - What Makes A Nation Great
Speakers - Stan Herpick, Mark Luce, and James Kariuki
Arranger - Pastor Steven Mshomi
Pastors and Leaders Conference - January 2012
in Kampala, Uganda.
Arranger and Host Pastor - Vincent Sangalo.
300 City Wide and 150 Rural Village Pastors from Uganda attending.
World Christian Outreach, Inc. now has a YouTube Channel - January 2012
The above link takes you to the World Christian Outreach, Inc.'s YouTube Channel. However, those videos are also embedded within their respective website pages at World Christian Outreach and New Dawn Communities, but are broadcast via the YouTube server, and can be watched in the full screen view.
The Farm at New Dawn

2011 Senior Class Prayer Garden Project Slideshow
Building of prayer garden directed by Pastor Ron Sukut as a
Legacy of the New Dawn graduating class of 2012.
Medical Mission Flashshow - Summer 2011
Outreach To Africa Ministry Safari - March 27 - April 16, 2011

New Dawn Prayer and Fellowship Gazebo Project - July 2010
Building of prayer and fellowship Gazebo directed by Pastor Ron Sukut as a
Legacy of the New Dawn graduating class of 2011.

Summer 2009
Ministry Update - Summer 2009
Medical Mission
Flashshow - Summer 2009
Medical Mission Video - Summer 2009

"New Dawn Basketball" Project Slideshow - 2009
Building of a full size regulation Basketball Court directed by Pastor Ron Sukut as a
Legacy of the New Dawn graduating class of 2010.

Summer/Winter 2008
Ministry Update - Ark and Mission Trip Flashshow - Winter 2008

Spring/Summer 2007
Ministry Update - August 2007
Ministry Update - July 2007
New Dawn Community Orphanage & Outreach Ministry Photos

Summer 2006
Ministry Update
New Dawn Community Orphanage & Outreach Ministry Photos

Spring 2006
Ministry Update
New Dawn Community Orphanage & Outreach Ministry Photos
May Newsletter
Ministry Update
Orphanage Schedule

Summer 2005
Buildings and Dedication Conference Photos - July 18-21
75 Acres Donated for Development (page 1)
Building Dedication July 21st (page 1)
The Birth of "New Dawn Community" Laikipia, Kenya (page 2)
New Dawn Community Progress Report (page 3)
Why We Get Involved (page 4)
In Good Hands (page 5)
Good Things For The Future (page 6)

Spring 2005
Letter To Friends - June 13
Ministry Outreach To Rural Churches & Villages In East Africa
Letter To Friends - April 1
Dedication Announcement - Laikipia - Kenya, July 18-21
Donation of 75 Acres of Land
Summary of the New Dawn Community, Laikipia, Kenya
Ministry Outreach To Rural Churches and Villages In East Africa

A Project Of Hope - Operation Love Outreach
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