Since its beginning in 1976 World Christian Outreach has acted as a support and helps organization in foreign countries.

It is our belief that to help the local indigenous people at the grassroots level is the best way to maximize usage of dollars spent and impact the society.

The key is to work with people that can be trusted.  Rather than disburse funds to a government or a large corporation/organization where you really don’t know the inside people and you don’t know how much of the money is going to help the needy, we have established a policy to work directly with local officials in the rural areas.

James M. Kariuki, a 25 year veteran Agricultural Officer and overseer of 16 Churches, is our Director Of African Affairs.

Mr. Kariuki is actually my wife’s brother in law so we are very close with him.

He is a trusted, loyal individual who speaks at least 5 different African dialects.  He knows the culture; he knows how to communicate with his people, and he serves the best interests of World Christian Outreach in getting projects completed in Kenya.

While WCO has reached out to help in such countries as Australia, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa, Kenya in East Africa is now our primary focus.

I have personally traveled to that country 21 times taking American Pastors and church leaders with the idea of coming back and challenging church members to help the local grassroots native Pastors and their people in Kenya. We have also established New Dawn Community where 120 high school orphans are educated on a 25 acre campus. Please click the "WATCH VIDEO" icon on the menu above to the left.

The following proposal represents a five pronged approach to the situation which has been formulated from 20 years of experience in Africa.

My wife, Damaris Nyambura, speaks Swahili and 10 other African dialects.  We have the ability and know how, along with our established contacts throughout the country of Kenya, to carry out the proposal as presented.


Right now more than 500,000 youth are roaming the streets day and night in Nairobi and other cities in Kenya East Africa as homeless, vagrant, penniless, no-hope, abandoned children.

Kenya, once the shining star of promise and potential in Africa, was once ravaged, exploited, and brought down perilously low by corrupt leaders and selfish crooks/thugs in government - all for their own personal gain.

Kenya, once a thriving, beautiful paradise-like country where many tourists came from all over the world to see the wild animals in their game parks, is recovering from:

*** 1-2 feet deep pot holes that riddle the main roads in their major cities.

*** no running water in rural areas.

*** no medicines in their hospitals.

*** no telephones outside the cities.

*** rampant spread of AIDS especially under the age of 15.

*** no flood control measures in the rainy season and no dams and water preservation planning for drought times.

*** open thievery and widespread gangs which operate to promote instability, suspicion and general unrest throughout the country.

*** rampant inflation and instability in their financial markets.

Of 30 million AIDS cases reported worldwide, 20 million are in Africa.  50% of those being infected are between the ages of 10-24.

In the midst of this seemingly impossible situation which goes far beyond what has been• explained here, there is hope.  The common person in Kenya who has been put down, torn down, robbed, persecuted, oppressed and violated still have a strong faith in God and they are hard workers.  The family unit is still strong especially out in the rural areas of the country where 85% of the people live.

This proposal offers a way that can impact the people directly at the grass-roots level.  We can act as a catalyst to lift them up and get them strategic help which will enable them to regain their self-esteem to become active producers on their own.

Africa sits strategically between East and West geographically and they seem now to be an emerging continent.  They could impact the whole world, if strong. . . the continent is endowed with great, yet untapped, mineral and agricultural resources.  Spiritually, they are in a position to influence nations with the Gospel.

All this to say that Africa and specifically Kenya with God fearing people need all the help that they can get for the people — not for their government.

With just the right kind of assistance now, the people of Kenya will rally with a new hope, knowing that someone is behind them and believes in them.



World Christian Outreach, Inc. wants to be a part of the solution to the crisis that is facing East Africa today.


We are proposing a five fold Outreach Plan to be conducted in 5 Phases as follows:


First Phase — Land and Orphanage - Accomplished

Second Phase — Rehabilitation Center - Underway

Third Phase — School - Accomplished

Fourth Phase — Medical Clinic

Fifth Phase — Training Center


All of the five developments will be inter-related and will complement each other.  A brief summary description of the First Phase follows.


First Phase — Land and Orphanage — 300 miles NW of Nairobi in Kenya


To get street children off the streets we must have a facility and land away from the city to create a totally new atmosphere and environment for them. We will start with high school children 13-14 years old , bring them off the street and place them in the Orphanage which we will have built.  They will be cleaned up, clothed, fed daily and transformed into a new way of life.  We have Anglican, Baptist, Catholic and other non-denominational workers in place to care for the children, grounded in God, provided an accredited High School education, receive vocational training skills, and other trades.


The children will be taught basic home economics and how to relate to one another in a Christian atmosphere.  In addition they will be taught to sing and will be formed into African children’s choirs called “The African Live Wires”.  They will receive outfits and will come to the U.S. to sing in churches, service clubs and other meeting places... to sing about the love and blessings of God for all people.  Funds will be raised also for the overall project in Africa during these tours, especially for the salaries of Orphanage staff workers.


Upon their return to Africa the children will work in farming to learn how to grow crops and take care of cows and chickens.  Food will be produced for the Orphanage in this way.


The goal of the Orphanage High School is to be a bridge from the devastation of street life to becoming productive and independent citizens.  The Rehabilitation Center is also critical to the success of this program.  It is there that they will be taught vocational skills such as carpentry, auto mechanics, and welding for teen age boys; and sewing, cooking, and home economics for the girls.  This will take place in the Second Phase which is a natural outgrowth of the First.


But it is in the Orphanage where the children will be re-molded and grounded in good family style values.  The requirements of the First Building Phase, which is now completed, are to care for the children as follows:


2 Dormitories

1 Multi-purpose Building — Kitchen, Office, Recreation Room, Bathrooms, Storage,

Dining Hall, etc.

1 Chapel

2 Classrooms

1 Water Well with drilling equipment and generator

Surrounding Fence


A complete estimate for the land cost, buildings, autos, interior fixtures, container from the U.S., water well, etc. is outlined on the following page.


World Christian Outreach, Inc. was incorporated in California in 1976 as a 501©3 non-profit organization.  Its President, Stanton R. Herpick, has traveled and led groups to Africa for the past 20 years.  Personnel are in place in Kenya to carry out the Projects once finds are provided.  Mr. Herpick’s wife is a Kenyan citizen and has established contacts throughout the country of Kenya.

ISAIAH 41:13,17


13 For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand,

saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.


17 When the poor and needy seek water,

and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst,

I the Lord will hear them,

and I the God of Israel will not forsake them.


Sincerely yours in His love,


Stanton R. Herpick

President and Founder

World Christian Outreach, Inc.




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